Wonderland. Continuing a week of British talent...

My old friend David Robinson, who I have not seen for quite a while, has a beautiful little book Wonderland. It was all shot on 6/17 format, something I have always fancied trying myself.
I remember talking with David when he was in the midst of shooting the Wonderland project. What he would do was book flights in advance so that he had to 'make the time' and then when he did travel to his destination it was only for the shortest time. He told me of a trip he had done to Ayres Rock in Australia. He got off the plane, drove to the the rock, shot one roll of film (4 shots on that format) drove back, and then got the flight back to the UK. He claimed that by doing this he was not giving himself time to get distracted by other things. Using his instincts first and foremost insured he got what he was after: "These photographs are my trophies, they are evidence that I was there, a bit like buying a postcard..."
Personally I have never come across this way of working before and I think it is this that makes David's work so unique. Last time I seen David he told me he was going to the Middle East to photograph ski jumps used in the Olympics...Watch this space...
I have always been amazed with the amount of energy David has for his work and I believe he deserves great respect amongst us photo types.
There is more of Davids work here.

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