A small vehicular..

Still plugging away at the Vehicular Landscape series after all these years. Finding them is not something you can rush, or plan.


Ojai. CA 2016


I am not a writer..

A broken chair and a little ball. 2016

There are parts of Los Angeles that always made me feel like a writer. Of course these are usually the parts of LA where a lot of writers reside and take up all the seating in the local cafes.
I should quickly point out that I would never profess, try, or even think of myself as being able to write well. I just like the idea of it, starting with nothing but a blank sheet, just like photograph. But sitting here at my friends desk looking out into a mystical garden of peace (that's the best I got) I feel like I could write something, hence this dizzy posting.

Of course we all know that a photograph can tell a story, but whether that story is true of what the viewer sees is vastly debatable and too intelligent a subject to discuss here on the B.

I have always left my imagery open to interpretation and try not to 'add ideas later' which is so often the case in photography or any other art form for that matter. I do this because I'm still not sure why I make most of my images, I just do. Sound odd, well just ask any other photographer.


Me and the Pigster..

It's been six months since I landed here in the States. As the memories from the misty mountains of my homeland begin to fade the time has come to contemplate new ideas and travels within this new land. The first time I tried this I attempted to photograph the whole of America in one go travelling from state to state like the littlest hobo with my trusty Bulldog side-kick Piglet. Well that was all a bit fruitless and I learnt a big lesson in photography; 'You cannot photograph everything..'
Things feel very different this time around and I am much more relaxed about venturing out. The desperate need most photographers feel early to go out and shoot (and shoot)  on has gone and the galleries have stop asking for new work (probably because they are all closed). Despite this the deserts and ghost towns are calling. As for my side-kick Piglet, well he's grey and old now and not going anywhere, or is he....

Me and Pigster 2006

Me and Pigster 2016 (still up for it)


Don't you just hate those self portraits photographers do. Well at least it's not a selfie... Or a Belfie!