Project Preview (oh the excitement)

As promised I am making this week an all British affair so why not show a little of what I am working on at the moment, well it is my blog...
For some reason people seem to think that I am always out shooting, well without wishing to disappoint my tiny audience (Hello Mum) I probably only spend about a third of the year out with my camera. The rest is mostly printing, paper work, planning and research for trips, show openings of photographers I pretend to know, petty theft and bulldog wrestling.
My latest project 'By Coastal' is a spin off from my Urban series (I wanted to call it Hinterland, but to my dismay I found about twelve projects with the same name).
I started this project about a year ago concentrating on the Scottish coast with a future plan to travel from the West side over the top to the East side of the coastline. I have always been fascinated with this area of Britain ever since I was a 'wee boy' when my parents would take me to visit the grand parents.
I should tell you that if ever you have the desire to photograph this part of the world a small knowledge of the tide times is quite important (especially around the Solway Coast) as it has caught many people off guard over the years.
I shall publish more of this project, and perhaps others as I progress....

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