That competition no one can pronounce..

Passing by The Photographers Gallery yesterday I thought it would be rude not to go in and gander at this years Deutsche Börse  selections. To be honest I am not really interested in such who's in who's favor type competitions. But if a photographer who has been working for forty years and produced one of the best bodies of work produced in this country does not win, then The Photographers Gallery should be burnt to the ground (and rebuilt all on one floor..). I am talking of course of Chris Killip and his extraordinary work.


It had been brought to my attention over the last few years that quite a few photographers started shooting landscapes up a ladder, but then moved onto  a crane, and before you knew it, they were hanging out of a plane shooting what I call; "Traveling holiday snaps" and yes I have done it myself.  anyway, you cannot get higher than space and these shots by Chris Hadfield the astronaut are wonderful..



 Berwick-on-Tweed 2013

Longtown/Gretna. England/Scotland. 2013

The old ways die-hard with 'Doyle Blues' and exposures as long as your arm. As these were part of an ongoing project it was imperative that I kept the old style consistent.  Having said that, why would I change..

It makes me a little sad to see the old masters yielding their digital Hassalblad's  and large Leicas rather than standing by their 10/8" plate cameras, not from a nostalgia point of few, but more the fact that I know they would of been given the cameras for free by these advertising hungry camera manufacturers. And yes I would like that to happen to me....


The Frosty Camera and the death of The Flowery Room...

 I was delighted that my latest exploits troubling the Border had not been in vain. After a six hour exposure and a frozen camera, I was delighted to have an image, all be it one with a cheesy topping. But these images were not so much about artistic merit (although of obvious importance), but more to do with were they were made. The same could be said for the images I made in my parents house (see above). The Flowery Room I had remembered fondly as a kiddy, and photographed as part of a project, was now some vile blood colored shrine with heart shaped butterfly decor..

Maybe frozen in time would of been a better title..


The last border patrol.

As I await the repeating of my earlier egg based sandwich my journey back to the south allows me to ponder the last weeks events as I ventured once more into the fray.
I was never really enthused about finishing my borders project (my initial intention). This may have had something to do with well, just what will I do with it once its finished as another gallery, publisher and agency closes. But it wasnt long before the inner depths of photographic desire erupted and I was soon back to the Doyle ways with a keen eye and flapping dark cloth.
My plans to make an exposure throughout the night were dashed thanks to an unexpected minus 10 degrees and a frozen camera. this was despite conditions being perfect, clear and still. I had simply forgotten what happens to metal and glass when the temperature plummets, and besides, it is summertime afterall and I hadn't realised I had wandered into an Archtic Tundra by mistake.
Hopefully this chapter sees the end of a major project  started a decade ago. As usual there were no fireworks, just a slight tingle as the shutter made closure on what has been a dark and cold, but altogether fruitfull project.



I have finally managed to break free from the armchair of 'talking about it' and find myself travelling North in search of new imagery and photography related tantrums. My bags are heavy and I almost wish I was all out digital and expensive. But for now the gaffa taped 5/4 will have to do as I head for the frozen tundra fully laden looking for frosty treasures.


Conscientious | Judge Rules William Eggleston Can Clone His Own Work

Conscientious | Judge Rules William Eggleston Can Clone His Own Work

If you have taken the time to read the above link you may now know that although the photography fine art market was a bit pants before (certainly for those hovering around the mid career area) it now seems that old Eggy has made it worse.

Lets all do endless editions for peanuts...

Bloody Pratt!