David Graham

I have always liked David Grahams work, more so than most photographers of that certain style that is hard to define, but wonderfully easy on the eye. This may be due to the fact that of all the photographers I know of, Graham is the one I would consider closet to my own views and reasoning regarding photography. 
There was a great little video on his website of him driving around looking for stuff, but sadly thats not working which is a shame, as is the size of the images on his site..

All images David Graham.


An Oldie, 2009??



Bit sad, bit nice..

Malibu 8.30

There we were. A romantic candle lit dinner for two overlooking the sea. 
The scene was set. If I wasn't already married, I would of proposed. 
Your probably thinking I reached for my i Phone which would of been bad enough, but no, I reached for the medium format beside me and spent 20 minutes trying to capture the right wave... But at least I didn't leave and go home to pick up my camera.


Recent Ramblings

Abandoned Diner 2016

Old habits die hard, in particular photographing 'left behind' diners and other such pleasures. 

I was also drawn to the site of a recent bushfire.

And lets not forget the Lemon on the window still.



Once described by Jeff Bridges as the Fickle Mistress of the camera world. Unreliable, awkward, and daft looking. But the Widelux is like no other camera....


New Major Project.

 Turbines, CA 2012

Hydro Power Facility, Torness, UK 2009

 Solar Panels, Lake Balboa, CA 2016

Following on from the Virtual Water series I wanted to look at 'renewable energies'. This is something I have touched on a few times along the way, but have decided to take a more in depth approach. 
The hardest thing for me is to produce work that doesn't mimic what has gone before (wind turbines at sunset, see above, the new solar project in the Mojave that everyone went out and photographed and even produced books of, that sort of thing). 
As I am here in California, I am starting with Solar as its the most excessible, and at this stage the most obvious (to me) considering the weather patterns. However, as I am still in the research stage I am sure my views will change over time..


"Mam, I,m gang for a walk wid me camera.."

My Neighbour

View from my bedroom.
Years ago when I was a lad I remember watching a video on how-to-take-pictures called, Lichfield On Photography Part One, (never seen part two) by the late Patrick Lichfield. I am sure if I watched that programme now it would be horrendous, the soundtrack certainly was.
One thing from the video that has stayed with me all these years was old paddy telling us that you should start by photographing the area within a mile to your home. This advice is still something I live by today. It also brings to mind that old Marcel Proust quote used by myself far too many times;

The real discovery consists not in seek new landscapes, but in having new eyes..