A Tale From The Bedroom.

I would like to think that the image above is the one that was on my bedroom wall in the eighties along side my 'Busby' poster. It was free with 'Science Now Magazine'. Sadly it is not the exact same image, the original had a 'key light' blue sky and a different angle, but let us pretend just for a moment that it is that very image. I must have only been seven or eight at the time, but I loved this picture so much and imagined that I was there waiting for take off. It was such a magical image to me at the time and I do believe it may have influenced me very early on before I even picked up a camera. The light, the atmosphere and the fact that like a lot of boys at that age I wanted to go into space.
On several occasions I have thought of this image whilst taking a certain shot and it has always stayed with me after all these years.
It is fascinating how early experiences and memories can influence us after the hair has gone and the weighing scales are no longer accurate.
A few years later I replaced the poster of the shuttle with a Rambo poster and then a sexy lady with her hair frozen in mid flight. But if I had to choose between action adventure, teenage lust or the mystery of the cosmos now, thats right, it would be Rambo...

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