Straight and narrow is the way...



Another insightful exploration of the Mojave early AM.  

I drove around for two hours in the dark only finding something to photograph once there was some light. 

Even with GPS its tricky finding your way in the desert darkness due to not having any reference points, just blackness.


 I am a traveler passing through the earth, as all my fathers were....

Beach Towel. North Shores 2008/09


Crossroads at dawn...

 Another AM outing this week with a drive through the dark, cold desert. Originally I had a gas station planned for my shot (thinking I could find it my memory) but got completely disorientated in the void and ended up at this cross roads (below). The dawn was breaking and it seemed like a good idea....



Long night images..


Managed to get out and do some night (very early morning) and early light shots which is something I have not done on film for a long long time. 

I had forgotten how much more involved film is under not so ideal circumstances, and lets not forget the long exposure times... I also came to the conclusion that a panoramic mounted on a tripod is basically a long large format camera...


Up and up..

Friday's Rainshadow continues with a trip up into the mountains. 

Just when I thought I had finished with an area, I found more interesting content. 

Despite it being 50 degrees difference in temperature it was well worth the effort.


 Just beautiful light and a natural landscape. 

A few editions to my Fridays Rainshadow series.

Joshua Tree 2020