A Year in review (sort of)..

Its that time of year again where I like to reflect on the past twelve months. I never have a relevant image (see above), but at least this one has a Christmas wreath.
I could quite easily have a right old moan about just how crappy this year has been work wise, but I prefer to look at the positives even with the TV commercials trying to make me feel guilty because I am not giving all my cash to charity this year.
Probably my biggest achievement came in June when I managed to finish my Thursdays by the Sea project. Although truth be told I thought it was sort finished, but it needed a little more.
I also went back to my 108 project with a new energy which may see me traversing the Border Line between Scotland and England one more time.
It seems more and more photographers are having to turn their hand to other things in order to continue there practice, and I have been no different running various photographic workshops, some still life shooting, a few portraits, and the idea of producing a series of nudes (another life when I had girth and a head of hair). I even built my own website which I could never have done a few years ago, although I was helped greatly by my Bro.
After fighting for some years with the prospect of turning my hand to Digital, I feel at last that the market is producing some cameras that I can actually use, and with excellent results. Who would of thought that the high sensitivity of a sensor can pick out stars in the cosmos, a new dimension to night photography I feel quite excited about. However, thats not to say I am about to drop tens of thousands on a camera which for such a price should come with a free house. 

And so there we are. Another year  in photography. Good or bad I am still here, still shooting and still driven, although I am not quite sure how.

Happy Christmas one and all and remember what happened to the person that got everything they ever wanted.....

They were miserable...