There Are No Collectors, Just People With Money.

The New York AIPAD show starts today (Association of International Photography Art Dealers). I have been in a few AIPAD shows in the past, but not so much now for reasons I will not go into just yet... This is going back to what I was saying about collectors who buy and the 'general' public who buy and the fact I would rather have the young couple buying a print than a 'box it up collector'. Although this may shoot me in the foot in sales terms, its just how I feel. But for all the hundreds of serious collectors out there, please feel free to give me a call.
I never really know what people do with my work once they acquire it. I sometimes get a letter, or an email saying where they have hung the print and how pleased they are with it which is very uplifting. I also get requests for detailed information on a certain image, this is something I always make special time for if someone has spent there hard earned cash on one of my pieces.
I should point out that I think the biggest insult to a photographer (or any other creative for that matter) is to be asked for a discount and I find it somewhat disrespectful. This especially happens at Art Fairs. I was once approached by a chap at Paris Photo who wanted to buy ten big prints and get a 50 percent discount, luckily I was surrounded by lots of beautiful French women who found my English charm irresistible and did not wish to make a scene. I guess I could of not told the gallery and they would of lost their 50 percent commission....But that's just not my bag. If a buyer gets a discount, its usually offered and due to the fact they are regular contributors to the Doyley Fund.
What ever the situation regarding a sale , I always regard it as the ultimate complement if someone buys one of my images. I find it quite ironic that I probably couldn't afford to buy my own work. But at least I would get a nice discount.

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