How Much...?

I have always found with Photography or indeed Art that the really big hitters, usually those spending vast amounts on the production of there work, always get the most critisim and Gregory Grewson is one very good example. The amount of man power and cost involved is not so much high, it is simply realative to the shoot. Grewdson's images are like film stills, and indeed shot just like a film, therefore there are a lot of costs involved. I get tired of people who slate work like this just because of these very things, usually with quotes like "well, if I had all that money and a team of ninety people helping me, I could do that" Its such nonesense because they simply could not. The major factor behind Grewdsons work is the 'Idea'. Without this the work would be lost no matter how much money, time, and man power you put behind it.

I first experienced Grewdsons work about five years ago and it knocked me out. I never questioned how he did it, costs invloved etc. I just enjoyed the work. And if you can't afford the prints his new book Underneath The Roses is very affordable and highly recommended..

There is a nice article here regarding Gregory Grewdson's epic work.

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