JB Fitts..

I met Mr Fitts when I was living in LA while using a hire darkroom to do my colour prints. I say I met Mr Fitts but it was more the fact he was always there when I was. I was going to say that he started to wear the same clothes as myself and started to shave his head just like me. Of course this is not true, I just wanted to make things more interesting, but wouldn't that of been a good read....
I did see a lot of the 'No Life Guard On Duty' work (see above) as it progressed at the darkroom but took the liberty to see his LA show which to be honest left me a little cold. I am not sure if it was the fact that I don't have much interest in empty swimming pools or just the fact there was not much 'variety.' Once you've seen one empty swimming pool you've seen them all springs to mind, but I think its more the fact that they are all American and therefor all have a similar look and feel about them (would of preferred empty swimming pools of the world, now theres an idea). This is certainly not a dig at Mr.Fitts because a lot of his work I really do like (the golf series being my favorite). The main reason I wanted to mention this particular body of work is that I admire the approach and dedication Fitts has shown towards this particular project. Its one thing to travel back and forth across America covering thousands of miles snapping away at any old toot (something I was prone to myself) but its another to knuckle down un-distracted and stick to a brief (personal or commercial) In this respect I take my woolly hat off to JB Fitts.
By the way Mr Fitts probably has no clue as to who I am, but maybe if he reads this blog (is anyone reading this blog..?) he may remember the time I said "Did you do a pre-fog on that print"
Now where's my speedos...

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