Thought Of The Week (Just Like Jezza Kyle)

My week has been spent mostly on research for my next project. Always a strange time as its something I don't particularly enjoy and sometimes the mind does wonder, especially using the Internet. But temptations of 'Millie And Her Giant Willy' aside (not real I might add) I wanted to point out that I rarely plan a project before I have actually shot it. The project usually comes afterwards. A certain image may link to another in some way, or create a series that can be added to and improved. With the Urban Landscapes, it was not until I had around twenty images all laid out in front of me that I saw patterns and similarities in the way I had shot things and the potential of an ongoing project. What I am trying to say is that I believe a lot of photography relies on instint first and foremost (this is regarding personal work, not commissioned) I always raise an eyebrow (I actually raise two as I can't do just one) when someone tells me what there next ten series of images is going to look like because personally I don't think you really fully know until you do it...
So next time I say I have been researching a project, all it means is; Arranging transport and accommodation, costs involved, and if they have internet access so I don't miss Millie..

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