Cuba and the digital revolution..

 When most people think of images of Cuba they picture big old cars and old leathery women smoking cigars. Of course I was aware of this on my most recent trip and soon discovered the place to be just as I had imagined, all be it much hotter and humid than expected.
Rather than point my camera in the direction of 'classic' Cuban stereotypes I discovered a fascination with  butchers shops and old tatty motorcycles.
This was also the first time I have done a trip with just a digital camera. It was a terrifying experience as I was not sure I could
 pull it off, but I seem to have somehow managed. It reminded me of the days when all I had with my was a 35mm camera and five rolls of film. There was always a sense of freedom with this sort of photography even with its restrictions.


I stumbled upon this house whilst trailing the Scotland/ England border. At first glance it looks like a moderate boarded up house, and that is indeed what I thought it was. What I was not aware of where the signs telling me that this was indeed an army training area and that there was a good chance I may be shot, or worse still, frightened by a loud bang. I only read the signs after I had made my image and suddenly the whole area felt different, dangerous and exciting...