Sea side and cinema..

Up here in the North there isn't a whole lot going on, but like many small towns theres always the cinema. And so after a day along the coastline, head wind burnt and feet salty wet I headed for the local picture house.
I do have photographs of cinemas, and of course the coastline, but I thought it would be nice to look at these...
I have admired Hiroshi Sugimoto's work ever since I saw his show in Hamiltons, London, some time ago and heard him talk at the Serpentine Gallery way back in 2001. My favorite body of
work is by far the cinema screen series (see above) but I also love his Seascapes which I tend to think a lot of photographers try to mimic, but rarely do they get across the shear subtle qualities Sugimoto's imagery.. So often the most simple of images are the hardest to produce, well at least thats what I have discovered and I am sure Hiroshi is no different.
What did strike me when I seen his talk is how utterly modest he was in regards to his work. It was almost as if he thought he was going to be found out for producing beautiful images. Maybe the cinemas where tiny models shot in a studio and the Seascapes made in his bath, but I doubt it.

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