Josef Saudek (Doyle on Collecting)

I do have a small collection of photographs, some are framed, some are waiting to be framed (I hate the thought of boxed up prints as you the regular reader will know). I have always gone for the inspirational photograph so there is no pattern to my meager collection.
I have always liked the thought of being given a nice old photograph, which never has and probably never will happen which is a shame because I have 'gifted' many a print, even if it is just to see a tear and a smile...
My mother has the best collection of photography I have every seen. All nicely framed and displayed in a flowery room. Its like looking at a twenty year retrospect of my work..
I think most of us have a few images we would like originals of. You may think I would opt for a nice big Meyerwitz or an even bigger Misrach. But no, I like the old stuff and Josef Sudek (not to be confused with Jan Saudek) floats my boat and heats my pipes. The nice thing about Sudek's work is that compared to so much vintage work it is still affordable (in collecting terms) and was never mass produced like some vintage stuff. Lets face it how many galleries have the 'later' print of the Horst corset shot (not the early platinium 10/8 contact version). Have a look, its quite a few. Elton John has one as do a few people I know, I have one, but of course its a postcard. My point being is that here are examples (see above) of images I love and will hopefully one day obtain. They are wonderful, but not too popular. Basically they belong in my house...
Anyone wishing to buy one of my prints should contact my Mrs. Doyle my loving mother.

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