The Dirty 2000

16 years have past since I started making images of dumped cars. I still do the odd one here and there and add them to the pile which is now Vehicular Landscape, but I don't look for them the way I used to. 
People always assume a photography project was shot over a few days, and indeed many are. But the best ones for me take time, sometimes a lifetime...


 Photograph of a crap painting

It would seem that my posting has become rather sporadic of late, but for this I make no apology, and neither should anyone else with a blog..

With new work underway as well as  the upcoming part two of my drought project, (in other words; "Oh dear its too late we have no water left..") the blog-a-sphere may be quite, but the projects are fattening up nicely.

I feel like photography is slowly being diluted like a cordial. It was once a concentrait, but now everyone wants a drink....