Nadav Kander

I have admired Nadav Kander's work for some time now, but that was only after I got over him winning every award and visiting every place I have ever wanted to photograph. I had to learn early on how important it is to enjoy other photographers work, not be jealous of it.. I think a lot of people do this whether they admit it or not, especially early on when they may not understand how to achieve certain things through lack of experience.. I did print for Nadav a few times in his own darkroom (the nicest darkroom I have ever seen) and was somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of fabulous work he produces. But this could be said of many photographers when you see twelve months worth all at once.
I do not think of Kander as one of the most original photographers (I believe there is huge influence from the likes of Shore, Eggleston, Misrach etc.) But I do think he is one of the most talented and certainly one of Britain's biggest hitters..
I also think his personal work has a very commercial feel which is not surprising as he has been one of the leaders in commercial photography for over a decade.
One more point I thought I might add is that although I am sick to death of images of China, I think Nadav's work on the Yangtze River is brilliant.

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