Travels with my camera..

Leaving from a sleazy coffee bar. To a unique direction that leads nowhere. The very important thing is the wonder while travelling. The captivating night journey by Marcus Doyle, urban landscapes photographer.
Gas stations. Parking areas. Bus stations. 
These are those places Marcus Doyle loves to search and to gaze at.  Depicted in the dark of night, coloured by the red neon signs, along dusty ways at the sunset or in the pale shine of the first light. Anonymous places because just passing through. Only apparently without a their own story,  due to the fact people is always going somewhere else. On the contrary Doyle stares at them and describes their lives in few pictures. 

Found this on some nice random blog.


The Forgotten and the Found..

I found this statement in a magazine article from a few years back which I had completely forgotten  about. It was for an article in TIME magazine. Surprised I forgot, it was quite a big deal at the time.

"Although I have photographed the landscape for almost two decades, it was not until recently that I became more environmentally aware of my surroundings and began to apply this to my work ethic.
In the past I was often drawn to the destruction and decay where man had left an impending footprint behind. I shot these scenes without really thinking how the environment had been, or was being affected. However, Looking back on this work I now see that this could not of been done without some kind of concern whether I realized this or not at the time.
Whatever my past motives, this new work would not have been possible without my exploration of the landscape in the last twenty years."

The above picture has nothing to do with it, just thought I would post it here..


Beautiful interiors..

It's always a real pleasure to see my work in what I consider to be the perfect place, that is, in a frame, on a wall, in a home. 
As its not very often that I get to see the work after framing, this was a real treat.