Hanna Fuhrmann

 At first glance I thought Hanna Fuhrmann's 'The 800 Block' is what every MA student would like to do, but could not.
Everything about this work is just superb and the subject matter is dealt with in a very quite, sensitive and respectable way.
I do tire of the type of photographer that is all about trying to shock you and force you to look at subject matter. They think they can change the world with there work, but they cannot. Fuhrmann is as far from this kind of work as you can be and its refreshing to see.
I wanted to post this work on here because visually its how I would of liked my MA project, 'Flowery Room' to have looked. Sadly it did not. (hence the MA remark at the start of this text). what I ended up with was a body of work that had people believing I was raised in some kind of repressed village and my parents lived in a small wooden shed growing scabby cabbages (it was actually my fathers allotment). Don't get me wrong, I love my Flowery project. But it just doesn't say what I wanted it to say for the simple reason, its just too personal, well thats my theory..
Anyway, enough about me.  
Theres also a good write up on Fuhrmann's work here


..amateurs worry about equipment,
professionals worry about money,
masters worry about light,
I just take pictures...

I happened upon a small Art fair today. Even as a gallery photographer I have always found it a little odd when the local folk showing their artwork. It was just as you might imagine, lots awful finger paintings of fruit and kittens, and kittens playing with fruit. But what struck me was the pride these people had in their work, each piece lovingly displayed amongst the tables of scones and fruity drinks.
Something is lost when art becomes an earner and the joy of just having a show soon wares off. I think it was Andre Kertesz that said 'money ruins photography,' and he may have been right, but never the less it would be good to get back the days when pride in ones work was all that mattered..

The Panda with one eye. An early Doyle piece, circa 1976.


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Pink Trailer, Thursdays by The Sea 2013

Working on the new website is a long slow process. Tweaking and resizing images and finding some kind of running order is not my idea of fun. But its nice when you come across an image you had completely forgotten about..


 Death Valley Twiglet.

Sometimes only the old ways will do...