Thought Of The Week (just like Steve Wilkos, used to be on Jerry Springer)

I spent this week researching projects along with a lot of admin. In other words paying all my photography related bills which all seem to come in at once and all seem to be twice as much as any profit. I really try to keep on top of all this especially if certain labs or suppliers have given me an account but there are times when the necessities of life get in the way like a nice new pocket knife or a Indian Head Message.
From my commercial lab and other photographic industries experience tells me that photographers are noted as being notoriously bad at paying up. Be it for prints, equipment hire, retouch fees, goodies from the studio fridge etc. However, experience has also taught me that with regards to the industry photographers tend to get the wet end of the mop. The knock on effects of a company (including galleries) not paying on time can be devastating. But I want to encourage photographers to keep on trucking because lets face it the rewards from a photographic career far out weigh the negatives.
I leave you with a quote from Terence Donovan, a notoriously bad bill payer (yes I printed a bit for him)
"If you owe someone money, Its not you that should be worried, Its the person you owe"

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