Tea, Coffee, Old, New..

Since relocating to the US my tea drinking has been swiftly replaced with coffee. One should not even attempt to seek out a proper cuppa here as it just does not exsist.. I was reminded of this by the image above (found on my dusty hard drive) and had to reminisce for a moment.. Its was as if  Tea was like film and coffee like digital..

Yellow Neon. A technical nighmare.. 2016 

 Glendale Motel 2004. Film made it easy..
Moving on.. My attempts at night photography using a digital camera have been an up and down affair, in particular, highlight control to the point of having to shoot two frames and merge them together, something I am not a fan of. Of course the longer the exposure the more problems one encounters, although I have yet to have issues with noise.
I still prefer the old ways and the purity of one negative and may even consider reaching for the 5/4 kit once again..


Website Update.

Lots of new work on my updated website today with a little something for everyone..

Although I probably shoot the same amount of images digitally, the turnaround is naturally much faster.
I do miss that bit inbetween dropping your film at the lab and picking it up, sometimes unsure if you have the shot or not: I do not miss labs messing up the film or realizing you forgot to pull out the darkslide.

For the past couple of weeks I have been popping out, just for an hour. Nothing too serious, and it keeps the brain ticking..


100 years of America’s national parks – in pictures

I watched this BBC4 show and found it quite enjoyable. However, something seemed a little strange to me. Here we have one of the worlds greatest living photographers, a Scot going back to his roots to shoot some landcapes on the beautiful Isle of skye. The images are great, but why now, and why three assistants and a van full of lovely new gear which works in all kinds of weather, and why are none of the images on his website.
And then I found this... And realized its just one big advert for Phaseone..  Have to say I felt a little cheated.
Kevin Russ | A Traveling Photographer from Twin Sails on Vimeo.

Quite inspiring and just goes to show its not what you shoot it on, but how you shoot it, see it, feel it, whatever...


Get Tested and Chill

All too often I find myself down some dark alley with a camera in search of light. Its a little like being in a cave looking for a way out, only I am looking for things to photograph.
No hidden agenas here..


In the United States there is more space where nobody is than where anybody is.
That is what makes America what it is.

—Gertrude Stein