Trona Pinnicles. CA Marcus Doyle 2014

With an update to my ever growing website (here), and the beginning of my Virtual Water project series (here), there is of plenty new work to see.
I will be releasing the VW images over the next month or so with added information about the project.

The image above is one of my favorites from the trip. On this particular occasion I was fortunate to have the place to myself, however this did mean I had to position the camera, open the shutter, and then drive around a little. Those pinnacles are further away than they look.!


Just another American Roadtrip..

Little has changed since my last road trip in the United States. It may be one of the biggest cliché in photography, but the American Roadtrip is always something that I hold dear. This one seemed long, threes weeks staying in some less that desirable Motels (a novelty that soon wears off), and eating the same kind of food (an even worse novelty). But it was all in a good cause with the Virtual Water project images being released over the next few months. 
All shot on fim, but I was not without my trusty digital Fuji.

This particular trip never crossed the border of California, but still had an array of interests with some places I had never heard of and others I had frequented in the past like the Buck Shot cafe (see left and below).