And then there were none...

Midway through my United States tour I was saddened to hear that Margaret Street gallery is to close its doors. My 'Thursdays By The Sea' exhibition I had there was one of my finest and the gallery done one fine job from curation, to display, and a grand opening night
Seeing that the images were all made at the Salton Sea it was ironic that I headed out there the morning I heard the news with a message from the director of the gallery. 
This really is a sign of the times and of great concern to myself as my outlets are forever shrinking. But one thing I will say is that at least this gallery had the dignity to close its doors now rather than heading for the cliff edge and taking its artists with them. For that I am greatful..


Its been some time since I hit the road in America in search of photographic treasures.
And so its once more into the fray with the intention of seeking out some big pictures..

Stuff the economy....


Uncle Les.

 Uncle Les 1934-2013

The sad passing of my Uncle last week reminded me of how important a role photography plays in our memories of loved ones.

It's also worth mentioning that the photographic portrait played a huge role in photography's early beginnings as people feared that without the image of a loved one, their memories of that person would fade away. (A subject that formed the basis of my MA thesis).

I was glad to have been able to make this image whilst photographing my Uncles social club in 2009.