What A Jem.

I first came across Jem Southam's work in a lab in London. The 30/40" print I was collecting looked like a contact sheet next to the huge print (see above) hanging floor to ceiling. It was a mesmerising image, so sharp, silky and thee dimensional.
I have always enjoyed images that I would never think of doing or have little interest in doing myself. I believe it broadens the scope of a photographer to take on board other peoples work in this way and find I am personally more influenced by this kind of work than say work which some may regard as similar in tone to my own. Jem's use of natural light and large format technique are just a few of the things I love here.
There isn't a great deal of Southam's work online but there are some beautiful books and he has exhibited widely. I also believe he is head of department at Exeter School of Art and Design.

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