I'm all for photographing empty streets during the present crisis, but streets void of people is something I have always done. 
I would get people to disappear through long exposure, or a very short one, so now it almost feels like cheating..

Anyway, there's always time for photography, whatever the situation..


Working Titles

Now fully emerged into my project; 'A Day In The Desert', or maybe 'Mojave Friday' or 'Friday Mojave' or Desert Day Friday (working titles), the scale of it continues to evolve.
Despite working as I always have, within a boundary, the Mojave Desert reaches as far as Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, so there is plenty of room for growth.

Pictured here are several from the last couple of weeks.


What to do..

 Seems like there is no better time to head to the desert for a time of solitude away from the present mass hysteria..

I have mentioned several times before on here of how a project can change it's vernacular over time. What started as a day out with a camera has become something else entirely..


Throughout photography's brief history there are countless examples of how recording, documenting, or simply making images at a certain time, can give us an insight we would not necessarily had of life's unplanned events.
 My spinal surgery recovery view 2007

Very often we see no point in recording life and its events when its all doom and gloom, but looking back at the things I have personally recorded, I'm glad I did. 
9 Days. 2018-