Time for something new..

Although best known for my landscape photography, I have often dabbled in other areas of photography. In fact the 90's was mostly made up of abstract nudes printed in my own comercial darkroom in North London. Along side these where various still life objects as well as a fair few portraits, but all of these where often pushed to one side when the outdoors gently whispered my name..

For the past few months I have been working on a series of images which at first glance would appear to be a million miles away from what I normally do, but actually goes back to the reason I began making pictures in the first place. Of course I am not going to reveal the work just yet as its not quite finished. But rest assured, it should create a bit of a stir..

All will be revealed soon..


Got to love an outsider...


I thought it was ten years since my first book Night Vision was published, but it is in fact eleven years this month. How time flies and all that.
It was the greatest feeling in the world the morning the fedex box arrived.
Now of course I cannot look at the thing, but despite its crappy title, naff text (the slip case looks like something from an 80's disco) and those two dam dots after my name, I am still rather proud of my little Vision and the memories that go with it. 


Oh balls..

I often write on here my dismay at the industry, but that's usually because it doesn't move in the direction I would like it to.
I couldn't be more happy with my move medium format, even after years of fighting with my joy of using film not wanting to give it up for fear of loss of creativity or something. But as high quality cameras become more affordable the amateur market is having a field day and now everyone is a professional..
Could an non professional make a picture like the one above on there i phone as good as mine..... Of course they could.. And there in lies the problem..