It was a good day.

Desert bound again, this time with my good friend Ant.
I cannot abide self portraits of photographers, but this is OK.
Ant is one of those talented people who can use a camera phone to the best of its ability, using it as a tool rather than a gimmick. Quite the contrast to me cradling my big 6-17 film camera like a metal and glass baby..


Into the Blue

It's been quite a few moons since I last shot a Doyle Blue.
As the days get longer and twilight falls at a more acceptable hour, I may just get out the big tripod.


Note to self: Make note of where and when you made an image..


Some projects come and go, and some just never die..

 Mojave 2020
Some projects come and go, and some just never die..
My, Take Your Seat, and Vehicular Landscape have been on the go for quite some time now. They were started without intention, made without intention, and will probably continue, without intention. As long as I still get that little thrill each time I see a chair in the middle of nowhere, or some car oddity, I shall no doubt continue..

Mojave 2020
HWY 2, CA 
Maybe its the calling of the Scottish Highlands, maybe its just me, but nothing beats driving through a dramatic mountain range. If you can stop and breath it all in, even better...



I have been using the same focal length for as long as I can remember. For those in the know, its always been 35mm, or the equivalent. Just wide enough not to distort or make things seem miles away.. In my opinion its the nearest you can get to the way we naturally see things with our eyes.
The other day I tried out a real wide boy, at least for me. At 21mm, it was like being given a camera for the first time, but of course, once I got my head around its sheer wideness I was off..


31st Jan at 11.00pm..

North Shores. 2010-2012
I have always been intrigued by how an image can deliver a very different message over time.
Just a  towel left out to dry on the coast of Scotland ten years ago could now be seen as some metaphor regarding the UK's leaving the EU.
This begs the question of how many images do we look at today that give us a totally different message that was originally intended..