Reflections of a crappy year..

Its been a strange time for photography with this year seeing a lot of changes. The biggest change was that I went digital, which although was bound to happen, it was still a strange and unsettling feeling. However, the benifits of not having to buy over priced film and worry about it getting messed up at the lab, or x-rayed into oblivion has made me relax a little. But now of course its all about safe storage (and I thought it was an issue before..). I should also mention that I managed to find a digital camera that shoots the way I want, but thats not to say I won't be reaching for the 5/4 or the 6/17....

After shooting nothing but landscape for twenty years (with the odd still life thrown in), I decided to make a bit of a detour and shoot something completely different. It was a wonderful experience and still to be revealed (in the New Year) although I am not sure which direction this may take me.

It was shocking to see my hometown of Carlisle flooded again this year. Things like this always make me uneasy as part of me feels I should go and document such an event, while the other parts ask; But Why? I felt I had every right having grown up on the very streets that where several feet under muddy water, but uncomfortable doing this at other peoples great expense. I had heard stories of 'Flood Tourists'/ scum bags taking selfies and photographs during the floods which left me thinking; would I have been seen as different..

Project wise I was lucky enough to get a few great road trips under my utility belt. The reason I think they worked out so well is that I revisited places I had been before. But these are the kind of places that change all the time environmentally, ie, the Salton Sea which I cannot leave alone..

But enough of my ramblings for now..

So that pretty much sums things up for another year of the Doyle. I wish everyone health, happyiness, and an itchy finger..


The better half..

 My better half has been handed the new Leica Q. Basically a Leica with a fixed lens and an internal small zoom ranging from 24mm to 35mm.
Its a wonderful camera and I would very much like one.
Anyway, she has taken it away on a job and sent me some of her down time pics which I rather like. Actually these are swiped from her instagram account, hence the square format.