Shot Of The Week

I have been staring at the image above for ten minutes and just find it mesmerising, not sure why, I just love it. I came across Mattieu Gafsou on another blog and if you have a look at his site I am sure you will know what I mean if I say it looks like he's just getting started.
As I tend to always have some kind of connection to anyone or anything I mention on this swarve blog you may be wondering what on earth this one could be. Well I made a photograph of a skateboard park just like this one a few years ago. But mine is very different. I would include it here but the Doyle archive is vast and I'm not sure what I filed it under. What I do remember is almost being struck down by a Professional Mexican Midget Skate Boarder called Cheeko (You couldn't make it up). He told me he could bench press 300 pounds and would kick my ass if I didn't move my camera. Not wanting to get on the wrong side of the fierce hobbit, I finished my exposure and left amid the cheers and four letter words...

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