Life on the road. Image Sarah Dunn 2013

Well its a nice image...

Marchand and Meffre

I have kept a keen eye on the young French photography duo Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre since their very fine book, 'The ruins of Detroit' came out a few years ago. I am always intrigued with photographic partnerships and often wonder if there is behind the scenes fighting as to who shot what, and who is best. But lets face it, most photographers are far to self centered to 'share' with another photographer (including myself), and for that reason alone I think these guys are a bit special.
There new book, 'Gunkanjima' is superb and even though the whole concept of beauty in decay has been done to death, these guys do it well and with purpose, not just for the sake of it..


7.19, Lee Vining, CA 2013


Another chair mystery...

Blue Lazyboy. Benson, CA 2013

I have mentioned on here, more than once, my fascination with discarded chairs. They seem to be everywhere, or maybe thats just me looking for them. There is often a sense of anthropomorphism (had to look it up) at play and I have to wonder just how and why..
This one was in an abandoned International House of Pancakes en route to Death Valley and has all the makings of a keeper. The thing about this kind of content is that you cannot plan where to go, or even where to look. You just stumble upon them like a naughty puppy.
My plan is to eventually put all these seating images together in some kind of topographical thingy. Apparently thats what people do now.

Boulder City Nevada 2013

Theres nothing like having a piece of pie while waiting for the sun to set in the diner opposite the car wash..


Ongoing Edit..

 TV Interior (American Living Room series) 2013

Another I was particularly pleased with from my recent trip.
TV's and chairs must be the most common objects people leave behind..


A fine day..

Car and Plane. California 2013

I am not really sure what to say about this image other than I drove past it, stopped the car, jumped out and made the image from the roadside.
I like the way everything in the frame is in a state of disrepair. 
It was a fine day..


The Road..

 Fire Hall, Calico, CA 2013
Yosemite, CA, 2013

After a splendid month on the road driving through the deserts of California, Arizona and Nevada, I was not phased by the current heatwave here in sweaty London. 
Although I would not consider myself lucky to be in Death Valley at a time when heat records were almost broken down in Badwater, the hottest place on the planet, it was quite the experience to feel your eye balls drying out and your plums begin to shrivel. I should point out now that if one more person tells me, "Well it's dry heat so you don't feel it". They should pay this place a visit..

 Apart from the dusty road and an endless array of photographic content, the highlight for me had to be my arrival into Yosemite National Park, and in particular Yosemite Falls. You may be wondering why a landscape photographer like myself has never frequented such a mecca for photographers, (well I haven't been to  the Moon either and thats meant to be awesome), the reason is simple. Its because it is a mecca for photographers (and anyone with a camera for that matter). I despise seeing people lined up along a cliff top all shooting the same thing with a telephoto lens the size of a trumpet. But to see Yosemite for the first time is quite magical and something which you just cannot replicate with photography. (You may now mention Ansel Adams who spent most of his working life there, but lets not get carried away, I was only there for three days). 

I came to the conclusion that all those tourists getting in my way had one thing in common; They all wanted to record the event. They wanted a trophy for their achievement of traveling half way round the world, and that trophy was a photograph.

New images on the way soon...