Everyday observations..

Of course these days people like to use their phone and then post images on Instagram. Well thats just fine, but I prefer a camera for my snappy snaps..


John Cyr.

As a black and white printer (back in the day), I had a particular attraction to John Cyr's, Developer Tray series.
Having each image titled with the printer/ photographers name is genius as is shooting them on black, not white.
A brilliant, simple idea I wish I had thought of..


More phone nonsense.

It was interesting, and I am sure not coincidental, that the Independent ran a story about Nathan Benn shooting 10,000 images on Kodacrome for the National Geographic over a 20 year period in the States and another on David Bailey and Bruce Webber using a Nokia 1020 for 20 minutes in Harlem.
Safe to say that the Kodachrome images are streets ahead of the Bailey and Webber toot which is no doubt a clever marketing ploy to compete with the launch of the new iphone.
Just goes to show that the old saying 'Its not what you shoot with, its the way you see things' (or something like that) clearly doesn't work.

 Nathan Barry



 Although the majority of my photography is a slow process involving a big camera and a tripod, I have always had a snappy camera. The freedom a hand held camera brings reminds me of the time when I used nothing but an old mechanical 35mm and a role of black and white film.
Its a totally different dynamic which I enjoy and keeps the mind working. Its also very nice when you get a new camera to do it. Heres some test shots...


Boring but interesting..

This image didn't make the website. In fact I don't even like it, just looking at it bores me and makes me feel a little nauseous. Perhaps its the yellow chair, that horrid carpet, or the torture device against the wall. What's interesting though is the fact that this was the reception area for Scotties Castle in Death Valley, a crappy tourist destination that you will be well advised to steer clear of and save yourself twenty bucks. I also intrigued by that dark area in the top left just waiting for someone to jump out and get you, or me, and maybe the serviette holder that looks like its about to fall on the floor.  But thats about it..

I have always had an issue with boring, but interesting images. To me it doesn't matter how interesting an image is, if its not visually stimulating I just don't want to spend time with it. 



It took a while as all good things do, but you can see my new website here (same address).
Very pleased with how this one looks and it is designed to work on every platform, tablet, phone, desktop etc.. The images are much larger with a full page option (but don't try and print them out or your computer will exploded). Hopefully you will be taken on a small photographic adventure.

The picture above is supposed to be me looking proud and with a sense of closure which I thought was quite fitting. But really I was about to implode as the light went from glorious and golden, to grey  and flat..