Journey's End

As the nights grow shorter the call of the night photographer slows down and I am left pondering the next project. It seemed appropriate to show this image here not just because its Easter, but also because it was the last night shot I made, and that was some time ago. This shot also happens to be the last one I made in my Thursdays By The Sea series, but thats another story.
Landscape photography is always a journey, and by this I don't mean traveling to and fro. The beginning is the idea; of place, subject matter, etc. The middle is the actual image making, and the end is the final product; exhibition, book, folio, whatever. 
I think the start and end of a photographic journey are the worst, filled with trepidation and the fear that a project may not work, or just isn't good enough. As for the middle, well thats by far the best bit..