A New Year Message.

Well I went away for some sunshine to California and it rained all flaming week with the promise of a delayed flight due to London's two millimetres of snow. I also managed to have my 6/17 camera blown over in the wind so that it now looks like its been thrown off a cliff (picture made thirty seconds after the event). But safely back in the UK I feel blessed to be here (apart from AMAZON taking money out of my account for two cameras and a scanner I didn't order!!) So I thought would write a few thoughts about the past year and grant you all the best for the future which is the done thing these days..

This last year has been one of change and challenge for the freelancer and I am sure I am not the only one to have been hit ruthlessly with the economy stick. Not the best time to be a gallery based photographer for sure, I mean who in their right mind wants to spend money on a print when they could buy something worthwhile like a crappy wide screen television. Truth be told I have never found the UK art market an inspiring place to be and have often had to opt for the US galleries even with their shipping costs and a lousy exchange rate.

I have been lucky enough to find myself in some wonderfully odd places, in particular Croatia. Its nice to find places that are not often photographed instead of following the herd and I have really opened my eyes up to the rest of Europe as potential photography fodder. Having said that I have shot a lot in the UK this past year which has really been a hoot. The Coastal Project in now deep in my veins and I look forward to getting this big bugger finished next year.

My decision to continue shooting film was not an easy one for me as I have had it from all angles telling me that film is doomed and therefore so am I. But now I consider this total balls and tell myself if it works, why change it. I think we all try to predict where photography will go, but you just cannot do it. One day at a time my friends. One day at a time....

The biggest change this past year, and one I have kept to myself until now, is the part time posistion I have taken as a Photography Sessional Tutor at Canterbury University. It has been a truly and wonderfully eye opening experience and I really enjoy my time there. I will write about this more in the New Year.

And so there it is, not a bad year at all. No bones have been broken (only cameras), and no negatives have been lost. The feedback on my work has been most encouraging and I almost reached the point of peak physical fitness but my love of cream cakes got in the way.

And so may I now I wish all three of you the very best for the New Year...




Frosty Car Window 2010

Took this on my new compact camera this morning while walking the dogs.
Isn't nature wonderful...


Andrew Borowiec

Some wonderful observations over on Andrew Borowiec's website in particular The New Heartland series of which the three above are taken from..
Making these images in the middle of the day in bright sunshine works wonderfully well in this new artificial utopia. Quite brilliant...


Can ye fathom the ocean, dark and deep, where the mighty waves and the grandeur sweep?
Fanny Crosby.


Do you want to know the future..Brighton Pier

I had all the intentions of heading coastal in the last ten days. But the thought of spending the night in a trapped in a Mini on some snow deposited road while wrapped in a plastic bag was not at all that appealing. Besides I feared the sea may have frozen. So instead I used this opportunity to scan some of my work which is a job I enjoy as much as a dogs fart.. I can't bare being stuck in doors at the best of times which makes me wonder how I spent so long stuck in a darkroom printing other peoples work back in the day. I have always found that there's something oh so very final about producing a scan of ones work. In case your wondering I always scan my prints, not the neg. This is simply because I have done all the work on the print and got that just right, so the purpose of scanning is just to digitize the image and match it. And that's it.. No jiggery pokery here.


What is England..... Rural......

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This month its Rural...