Digital will always copy, film will always take.


I did a test print the other day for an upcoming show in October. It was 4 feet deep by 12 feet wide. It was the biggest print I have ever done and, quite frankly, spectacular.
The image was shot on my 6/17 Panoramic Film Camera using a 90mm large format lens (modified to fit the camera). I scanned the image at a high resolution to give me the grain of the film and a sharpness resembling a hand print and not some over-sharp, over-saturated load of fruity nonsense. 

I never really left film for digital and never really wanted to. But this event confirmed, despite its quirks and flaws, that film will, for me, always win out over digital. 

Digital's  aim is to make everything perfect, but hey, nothings perfect. that's what makes it interesting.
You can raise your prices, you can make it rare. But that will only make film more special. But lets not get too nostalgic..