Revisting The Night Vision..

Motel. Heber, Utah 2016

Traffic Lights, Ceder City, 2016

Its always good to go over common ground before embarking on projects, or as I call it, same old, same old. 
This was the first time I have done any real night photography with my medium format digital camera. It did take a little while to get use to the shorter exposure times and I still find it a little odd that what was once minutes was now seconds.. But the thought process is still the same and thats whats important here. One should also remember that digital or film and whatever camera you use, you are always going to get funny looks walking around at night with a camera (You only have to worry if you get the same looks in the middle of the day without one).

The days are over when I used to drive all day and shoot long into the night which the basis for my first book Night Vision, but I have always enjoyed the twighlight hours of America, the only drawback is that its over so quickly.


Painted Pines.

 Painted Pines. Utah. 2016
As I took to the road on my first roadtrip since relocating Stateside, I quickly realised this was one of the reasons I came back to America.
The senses one feels when all you have in front of you is open road and endless possibilities can be a litttle overwhelming at first and everything looks wonderful and worthy of a photograph.
As the dust settles and you find your rhythm you begin to think more clearly; As beautiful as those snow capped mountains are, it's not what I want to be making images of, thats not for here..
And so seven hundred miles later, tired and hungry you pull into the motel parking lot and there it is, the start of your new body of work...



And he appears to have a hump..


A New America...

'4th July'. Utah 2004

Its been one week now since my arrival into the USA armed with only my camera, a few T Shirts and a sturdy pair of boots.

In my 'important' file of birth certificate, visa, and all that stuff, I found a copy of my masters thesis, We Capture Memories Forever? I have to say after reading it through I found it rather good, unlike my tutors. I had forgotten my final quote, but remember it taking me weeks to come up with..

 A photograph may give us proof, but not necessarily truth.
M. Doyle, 2012

And so without further hesitation I venture forth into the American landscape in search of photographic treasures..