Shot Of The Week..

Well Its Friday which can only mean one thing...Shot Of The Week...
I have stopped using 'It Should Be In My House' because I think its a little bit rubbish even though I mean what I say.
I would like to regard Dan Holdsworth as one of my closet Allies. We were at college together for a while and went our separate ways. I became a printer and Dan began the wonderful work he produces now. I think the last time I saw him I traded a Gitzo carbon fibre tripod for his 5/4 roll film back (never used it to this day)
There is a tremendous amount of weight behind Dans images and I have nothing but respect for his work, especially when I know how much time is involved with technique and exposure times. I could of posted any of his Hyperborea images (see above) as I love them all..
I have wanted to mention Dan's work for a while now but was waiting for the right moment.
I should also mention that you couldn't meet a nicer person, warm and open, apart from myself of course....
Next week I am offering sweeties to the shot of the week or indeed anyone who wants to send me some nice work and info on themselves, lie if you have to..

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