Joshua Tree, 2017

 Rather than posting my 'best' images from recent endevours, I thought I would show my rejected images instead. There are many reasons why I may reject an image, but usually its because I have another one similar. Having said that, I may change my mind..

 Dino Crossing 2017
 Marfa, Texas, 2017
Basketball, Texas, 2017

Meat Market, Arizona, 2017

Car from different angle, Texas, 2017

The Hotel everyone photographs in Marfa. (At least I didn't photograph the Prada installation!)

Just Rubbish, 2017


The snow was very deep..

 Band Stand. Utah 2017
 Pine Trees. Utah 2017


Where's my Snow Boots..

Mini kitted out with snow chains, and a big shovel..
On the road again and into the snowy mountains of Utah with its wonderous and open landscape..
Been a while since I made any work in sub zero temperatures and despite my ramblings about shooting long exposures with large format film last week, I may have to switch to digital to speed things up a bit..

Watch this space..


Virtual Water interview.

Although not official, the Californian drought of four years seems to be coming to an end.

The project I began a few years ago 'Virtual Water' has recently been given a breath of fresh air in an interview which you can see here.

The Mini Museum.

Lots of goodies this week with the new edition of beetles and moths in my insect series as well as some new skulls and an update on my landscape work.

The idea behind all this insect and bones work is to create what I like to refer as a Mini Museum.
I have been facinated by these objects since I was a little boy often collecting my own specimens much to the horror of my parents.

You can check it all out here in the gallery section of my website; www.marcusdoylephotography.com


Film Time..

On a recent trip to Joshua Tree I took a notion and unpacked my old 4/5 view camera. The camera itself had not seen daylight for a number of years, but the old girl still looked to be in working order even with the various arrays of gaffa tape holding it together.
I thought it might be interesting to do some really long exposures of the night sky. So after spending a small fortune on 10 sheets of film I was looking forward to going old school for a while.
Its not really been that long, a few years, but what struck me was the amount of effort it took to obtain one exposure. With so many things to remember (cocking shutters, closing shutters, inserting dark slides, removing dark slides, etc, etc.) It felt like I was a proper photographer again. I had also forgotten how heavy these things are, especially with a big fat tripod.. Or maybe I had just become weak with my ever so light digital do it all..
As for the images, well they are at the lab so I will have to wait. But thats the bit I really like..

The Big Blue Bus.

I made this image last week during a stint in White Sands New Mexico.
Its a wonderful place, but difficult to find something a little different, especially in a place that has been photographed so much. So imagine my delight when I seen this big blue bus...
What was even better was the couple who owned it invited me on board for breakfast. It was a good day....


On the road again..

A few goodies from my latest roadtrip with a whole lot more due to be on my website very soon. 

It was great being on the road again and putting in some miles (3000 round trip). This is the reason I got into landscape photography in the first place. 

I have always found the winter months to be a better time to shoot new work manly due to the changeable weather. One can often shoot in the middle of the day rather than waiting for the sun to get lower. Night shots are also a little easier as you are not waiting around too long before it gets dark..

ICE. Marfa. TX 2017

AHEAD. Joshua Tree CA 2017
Toasted Cheese Sandwhich Shop. Marfa. TX 2017