Edgar Martins and the Hot poo.

I have had an eye on the mysterious work of Edgar Martins for some time now and was intrigued enough to buy the February/March edition of Hotshoe. I do have one of Edgar's books, The Diminishing Present (what a title) and although interesting with a good few whoppers I do not think it is his strongest body of work, nor am I overly keen on his 'The Accidental Theorist' series that the AOP went nuts over. Despite this there is a lot of Edgar's work that I do like and I am looking forward to seeing his new book Topologies.
Back to the Edgar Martins piece in Hotshoe and what a flaming waffle of an interview. The first eleven fair sized paragraphs make no sense to me whatsoever. It does bother me when images are over examined and whafflized like this and I do not think it puts the photographer in a good light. Its not often I criticise writing , as I am certainly no writer myself, but I came away with nothing from this article.
Simply put I think Edgar Martins work speaks for itself and does not need a recipe of flour, milk and eggs (waffle mix).
Drifting away slightly from my thoughts on Martins I continued to read my Hotshoe with its 'Fresh Perspectives on Contemporary Photography' . I have always thought Hotshoe was a quality magazine but have found it a bit hit and miss recently, so imagine my dismay when I turned over to page 60 'The Role of a Picture Director- OK Magazine"....I was hoping it would be Heat or better still Nuts.
And no you wont be seeing my work in Hotpoo anytime soon....

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