Do you have anymore..?

You may have seen on last nights world news that I have revved up my website.
Its a little vast now, but easily navigated with something for eveyone. I guess you could call it my photographic hub or Doyle Center of Photography, and stuff..

I remember the days when I would take twenty five prints to show someone, and the same question always cropped up; 'Do you have anymore..' Well hopefully this should solve that problem..


Trees 15F

Its been 30 years since I was told, 'You won't make a living taking pictures of sunsets..' by some twit at the local newspaper while doing my works experience. Well he was right in that it wasn't sunsets, but it was night photography, at least for a good while anyway. The image above was one of my best sellers, made during a brief trip to France in the days when I threw caution to the wind with my symmetrical images.
I always write something like this as the nights draw in and I start making more night images, and as I had to dig this one out to make a big print, I thought I would blow my trumpet a little..


Aaron Mitchell Adventurer..

On a recent trip in the Santa Monica Mountains I met Aaron Mitchell. A fascinating chap who is currently making his way across the planet on his motorbike. We had a very pleasant evening sat around a camp fire sipping whisky and sharing our travel stories. Of course my tales of adventure did not quite compare to this explorer who had been on the road for six months. 
I was not surprised to hear Aaron carried no camera, but instead used his phone to record parts of his trip along with a journal. I understood when he told me that memories were enough and taking pictures can very often 'spoil' the moment.
Having said that, how often do you here people say; 'I wish I brought a camera..'
Anyway, what a nice fella.