Baldies at Sunset..

From my new book. Baldies at Sunset.

Once upon a time, not long ago, I would tootle into town every other Friday and buy a photography, or photography related book. This was always a nice thing to do until the day I had to ship them all overseas at great expense. Since then I have been a little reluctant to buy anything heavy, like a book.. However, this morning I set about with the intention buying a nice new book and maybe even get a little inspired in the process..

So there I was at my local bookshop (quite big with a starbucks and all that). I made my way to the photography section (big sign, fancy lettering) but thought I must of drifted into the DIY section by mistake. There was a book of selfies by some girl whos name escapes me, but I think she was in a video with her boyfriend and her dad is her mother of something like that. Then there was another book of selfies but this one had other images although I couldn't make out because they were not in focus, but obviously there was something going on. Then there was a book, also full of selfies, by an actor/photographer/writer/poet/actor/singer/photographer/tap dancer. I could easily go on but its really not worth the effort to type..

What bothered me the most was not the vanity published array of books, but the fact that this utter rubbish was in the photography section next to Ansel Adams and Steve McCurry.. I knew the publishing world was in decline, but if this is all thats left I may never by a book ever again..


The Slab..

The Tree Of Soles. Slab City CA. 2017

At least one moon, perhaps two, has passed since I last posted anything on this secret blog. 
Truth be told, the future has taken over, and now in this digital age platforms like Instagram have made an online presence, well, up for grabs to anyone who wants it..

Anyway a recent trip out to my old haunt, The Salton Sea, reignited my somewhat strange photographic affair. It's an area in a constant state of change, but the silence and solitude are always the same. 
I had not been to Slab City for a few years, but had forgotten just why. However my feelings of longing soon disminished when I entered the dusty arena of chaos. What I remembered as a community was now a jumble of junkyards and dirt people cut off from society. Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was skipping lunch, but a sinking feeling of dispair stayed with me as I left this God forsaken place and headed for Bombay Beach, a place which now seemed like heaven.... Well sort of..