Douglas Ljungkvist. Ocean Beach.

Ocean Beach is a wonderful series from photographer Douglas Ljungvist documenting the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. What I particularly like is that these images are bright and airy, not dark and depressing with stormy skies and a feeling of impending doom. After all, it is a beach community and something one would associate with sunshine and bright shadow-less days.  I am not really sure if this was the intention of the photographer and could be barking up the wrong tree here, but to be honest I would rather not know. It all works very well and still leaves you wanting to see more.
Have a look here.


Lifes not like a box of chocolates....

As a photographer I question everything I do, or should I say photograph.

The days of making pretty pictures for gallery walls seems to be dissipating as I  become more aware of the environment around me, pointing my camera at the things that concern me, rather than excite, or even make me chuckle. 

If you had asked me to describe my work ten years ago, I would of said;
"I do not consider my work to be like a fine box of chocolates. Its more of a bag of colorful sweets"
But now as tastes change I seem to be reaching for a whole different thing. Not sweets, or fine chocolates, but something in between like a Throat Lozenge; Its a sweet with purpose, but unlike a sweety, its a bit more serious..