A few tasty bites...

Heres a few of my latest images (as promised). These and more will appear on my site in the next few weeks. I thought I would include the 'Spaceship' image in keeping with the alien landscape of Lanzarote, island of volcanoes and camel riding tourists.
I particularly enjoying making images in places you would never expect, and holiday resorts are one of my favorites. Apart from sunshine, booze, nice food, fridge magnets and fun activities there are always images to be found, especially ones of a quirky nature.
So next time your clubbing in Ibiza, or on the rampage in Malaga, take a moment and look around, I'll be the weirdo with the big camera and a floppy hat.


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Just like to say that I'm really enjoying your blog. Love the new images on your website. Are they all from Lanzarote ?