A bit of direction.....

It seems to me lately that a fair few photography agencies are offering all kinds of 'extra services' these days. Gone have a lot the 'photography only' agents providing, portrait, still life, fashion, cars, and of course the odd landscape. Now you can get illustration, styling, make up artists, art direction, props built, production and so on. But today I came across something which left shredded wheat, milk and bananas all down my hairless chest. An agency offering 'Life Direction', that's right, you could come away with spiritual awareness, more confidence, connect with your natural self, become better in business, beat the bad guys and save the entire planet.
Its one thing offering these services to the public within its own space, but don't for the sake of the orphans include it within a photographic agency.

I must go, I have a nine o'clock Indian head massage with my agent.

Excuse me while I take my medicine...

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