Party Time..

Well its 'End Of Year Show Time' again and all the hopefuls and new talents will be collecting there discounted or 'under fixed' prints for the show only to have them ruined when they try to dry mount them with a domestic clothes iron. At least that's what happened when I was a student.
I doubt things have changed much since I wore vintage charity shop clothes and lived of cheap beer and quick cook pasta.
I had my end of year college show at the Curson Gallery on Windmill Street in London. A great little gallery although they no longer exhibit photography which is a shame.
We where each allowed to show two photographs, myself opting for a 'fashion portrait (give me strength) and a nude , which even back then was rather nice. That's all I really remember apart from that Mexican band that always seem to turn up at openings near the West End playing La Bamba and wearing Sombrero hats.
I really do feel that students are given a bit of a bad rap these days, in fact I think its always been the case, but like anyone about to embark on some kind of photographic career, I wish them all the very best.
I should point out that I will not be going to any of the shows as there is always that danger of drinking too much and reverting back to my student youth, unable to remember where I live...

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