Lights Out..

It may be sunny and hot outside, but this week I have entered the land of darkness, in other words I am printing up work, hence the part time blog. I was whaffling way too much anyway. Lets face it, even my own wife has removed b mode from her bookmarks.. Not enough puppies apparently..
But before I embark on my new Puppy Portrait venture its worth mentioning what I consider the most important part of 'Art Photography,' 'The Print.'
I have been told often that the image itself is more important than the final print, with quotes like; "Its a photography competition, not a print competition." But a moderate, has a bit of a wonky border, looks a little flat, colour is a bit off, slightly out of focus on the edges, top corner could of done with being burnt in a bit kind of print will never show an images full potential. For a large majority of photographers they either can't print, hate printing or just don't find it practical. (too busy etc..). Thankfully though, London has in my opinion the best photographic printers anywhere. However, if I have to use some other talent I always supply the 'Master Print' for reference..

Now wheres my dodger...

You wouldn't put a Picasso in a clip frame would you...

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