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Once again (with feeling) I was at the 'Big Print Lab' today and met yet another large format photographer, and once again truly wonderful work and an inspiration. Although I cannot recall the young ladies name I wanted to mention today's event because of a comparison that was made between my work and the ladies.
"These are not landscapes like you do, they are places with meaning."
Never have truer words been spoken. Whenever people ask me why I do what I do which they do (da dee doo) I have to tell them I just don't know. Whether its the desert, a ghost town, or the coast, I just feel drawn to these places and want to take a trophy home in the form of a photograph. Although I do photograph places like childhood haunts and things like that, it is never for any particular reason, just the general feeling I get from the place. I guess an extreme example would be a Jewish person making images in an area of the Holocaust where perhaps a member of thee family suffered. I just don't think that way, although that's not to say work like this is not important as it couldn't be more so.
Although all my work is very personal, there is still a fair amount of attachment, there has to be or I couldn't sell the work in a gallery. Lets face it, who wants a photograph of my 100 year old Grannie on there wall apart from my Mother who as you know happens to be my biggest fan.... I have nothing but admiration for people who are so personal in there photography, it takes guts thats for sure.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
And is usually the one behind the camera.

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