Richard Billingham.

As I have just mentioned how personal some photographers are regarding there work in my last post it seems a very good time to mention Richard Billingham.
What I find so amazing about Billingham's work is his ability to document things so close and so overwhelmingly personal. So often we don't seen the wonderful things all around us because they are all around us (can't see the wood for the trees etc etc). But Billingham does this, dare I say, with ease. His first book, Rays Laugh, is sensational in its personal content. To photograph all your families short comings like this is beyond my comprehension. But my favorite body of work is his Black Country series consisting entirely of landscapes shot around where Billingham grew up. I would urge you to buy this book (which has only recently been published) just for the forward alone as its incredibly touching, in particular the part where he tells of his parents being swindled out of there own home by the local con man.
I particularly like the night shots (of course).

There doesn't appear to be a website for Richard Billingham. But there is plenty to see on the web. Just in case you thought I was slacking.

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