Family Business, Home Truths and Cider.

Long ago when I was care free, debt free, pain free and only slightly hair free I went through a period of working with small record companies producing cover shots and
images for music CD's. It was great work as I did pretty much what I wanted usually with the title of a track or the album name to guide me.
With the introduction of the MP3 player these lovely little jobs became fewer and fewer and although they never really paid well (I never done them for the money) soon these small companies couldn't afford a stamp, so the work stopped.
I often come across old work, usually when going through my secret neg filing system, (so secret only I know how to use it). The 'Family Business' cover was shot and cross processed using transparency film with an intention of making the image look gritty and dirty. Works quite well I think. (Imagine cross processing a 10/8 neg, now that's naff..)
The second image 'Home Truths' was shot in a council estate in North London at a time when I was beginning to dabble in long exposures at a more serious level, although in this case I was working quite quickly counting in 'pants' rather than 'elephants' due to the company of young cider drinkers and girls wearing leather.

Now wheres my IPod....

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