Paul Reas.

It was not until recently that I discovered Paul Reas has a website, and what a joy it is to behold.
I was introduced to his work when I was at college by a friend of mine who was very much into his work, particularly the images he produced during the 80's which produced a fine photographic documentation of Thatchers Britain (see example above).

The 'Portrait Of An Invisible Man' on Reas' website is a revelation, but you have to read the essay that goes with it for its full potential.

I am always a little envious of photographers of this calibre as I am far from being able to look and think the way a photographer like Reas thinks. In similar respects this is the same for Richard Billingham, these guys just have a raw talent and way of seeing I cannot comprehend.

I will mention Richard Billingham another time as he deserves his own space here on the soon to be famous B-Mode.

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