The Darkroom.....

After lunching with my very good friend Max we decided to check out a newly opened gallery near by who's name shall remain a mystery, one because I couldn't pronounce it and two, well you will understand in a moment.
Upon arrival we where greeted by a friendly chap wearing pink shoes and hair who handed us both a wined up torch and pointed to a small metal door.... Upon opening the gateway to another dimension we beheld a corridor of total darkness and gingerly myself six foot one, and Max six foot five, entered the abyss like giant frightened puppies... The idea was to view the entire exhibition with torch light, but a cigarette would of given off more light than a wined up torch. There were photographs which could only be described as something from Silence Of The Lambs, there were photographs of babies with eyes cut out and people covered in bile, it was like a two dimensional horror house curated by Eddie Munster. Then began the laughter, I don't know about Max, but mine was out of fear, and never stopped until we stumbled upon a kiddies slide with a razor blade placed in the center, not funny.. So we quickly made an exit and were offered a beer by the pink hair man, but sadly declined in fear of being captured and added to the display of darkness.
This was the first ever exhibition I have viewed by torchlight and can safely say It would of been better without the torch. To make things worse I found candy floss on my chin and a rubber duck in my bag.

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